Pairing Craft Beer with Delectable Dishes

Pairing Craft Beer with Delectable Dishes


Through the years, people have grown to love the taste of beer.  For many, drinking beer is a celebration of the good life.  It is essentially food that’s rich in texture and aroma and comes in a variety of flavors.  But what makes it a more pleasurable drink is that it complements a variety of food – from grilled meats to classic gourmet food.

barrel-534392_640The best beer and food pairings have strengths that match and flavors that complement.

We recently attended an event provided by that was all about beer and food pairings.  If you ever get a chance to attend a beer / food festival and are a beer fan, you won’t be disappointed.

Strong, flavorful dishes are best paired with equally strong beers.  The strength of beer is measured by its alcoholic content, hop sweetness or bitterness, malty flavor, and roast essence.  On the other hand, exquisite food will complement a fine tasting beer.

Meanwhile, beer and dish pairings work best when a common flavor is present in both foods.  For instance, a nutty brown ale tastes good with homemade cheddar and hearty dishes.  Imperial stout and its strong roast flavor is best taken with foie gras or smoked goose while lagers are heavenly when taken with roasted meat.

Now it’s time to check out what’s the right beer for appetizers, main courses, and yes, desserts.

Beer with appetizers

For meal starters, beer with a crisp, fresh taste is the way to go.  Beers made of light wheat goes well with salad greens.  Hoppy Pilsner is good too if your salad greens are the bitter type.  The Hoppy American pale ale is an enjoyable drink when taken with appetizing cheese tarts.  Red ale or dry stout are both good with smoked fish.

Remember, beer for appetizers should be light and with a very little touch of bitterness.

Beer for main courses

There is always a specific beer type for any main course.  The key here is to compare the intensity of the beer versus your main dish.  Light delicate food like grilled fish goes well with Pilsener.  Roasted poultry is an enjoyable treat alongside a bottle of pale ale or lager.

Beer and dessert

Most desserts served are sweet and to balance this, the beer that is full in flavor is a good match.  The sweetness of creme brulee can be perfectly tamed by highly hopped beers.

These are pairings which have been tried and tested but only you can decide which craft beer experience brings you more pleasure.


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